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Modeling and Performance Analysis with Simulation

This course gives an introduction to modeling, analysis, and simulation of computer and networking systems. The focus of the course is on discrete-event simulation. Simulation is widely used to evaluate systems in general, computer and communication networks in particular. In this course we will emphasize the simulation of wired and wireless communication systems. Some topics of the course are:

  • Model design
  • Implementation of a discrete-event simulator (simulation kernel)
  • Design of experiments (DoE)
  • Input modeling
  • Random numbers and random variates
  • Evaluation of simulation results
  • Simulation packages for network simulation


Dozent/inProf. Dr. Mesut Günes
InstitutionInstitut für Informatik
Lecture: Friday, 10-12, SR 049, Takustr. 9
Tutorials: Thursday, 10-12, SR 055, Takustr. 9


1st year MSc or Diploma students


Vordiplom, BSc, (Programming, Stochastic / probability calculus, Telematics)



  • Date: 12.07.13
  • Time: 10 - 12
  • Room: SR 49, Takustr. 9


The slides can be accessed only from the campus network (which includes VPN connections). The slides will be available before we discuss them in class. The slides are in PDF format.

Chapter Slides
0 Organizational
1 Introduction
2 Simulation Examples (Single server and multi server systeme)
3 General Principles
4 Introduction to Network Simulation Tools
5 Statistical Models in Simulation
6 Random Number Generation
7 Random Variate Generation
8 Queueing Models
9 Input Modeling
10 Verification and Validation of Simulation Models
11 Output Analysis for a Single Model
12 Comparison and Evaluation of Alternative System Designs
13 Design of Experiments (DoE)

Problem sheets

# Out Date Discussion Problem sheets, Papers, etc.
1 12.04.13 25.04.13
2 25.04.13 16.05.13
3 16.05.13 30.05.13
4 30.05.13 20.06.13
5 20.06.13 04.07.13




  • Simulation, Modeling, Analysis, Experiment, Network simulation, Discrete event, Omnet++, Design of Experiment, DoE