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Project description:

In order to demonstrate the flexibility of our hardware we offer the possibility to run tinyOS applications on the ScatterWeb nodes.

TinyOS can be found at http://www.tinyos.net. The authors describe it as follows:

"TinyOS is an open-source operating system designed for wireless embedded sensor networks. It features a component-based architecture which enables rapid innovation and implementation while minimizing code size as required by the severe memory constraints inherent in sensor networks".

We offer full tinyOS support for the ScatterWeb nodes (MSB excepted). You can run tinyOS-applications written in nesC that use the tinyOS interfaces we provide and internally everything is linked against our firmware that handles the hardware access.

A MSP430 Installer of TinyOS is used for software development for the MSP430. You can download the program files from the following page (NOT on our server):

Hardware to use with: