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What can I do with the modules?

You can perform everything. The modules are designed to work with several sensores and have several interfaces that let them comunicate with the outside world.


What scenarios are the modules for?

Since the modules can carry different sensors very versatile applications are possible. Just to name a few, it is possible to:

  • Monitor the environment
  • Make buildings more intelligent
  • Collect data throughout a whole sensor-net
  • Steer other computers/machines depending on the collected data
  • Make the collected data available over a website.
  • Have direct access to a single/all nodes of a network.




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What software is available?
  the navigation point software gives you all the public software that is available.

Where can i get in touch with other developers for this hardware?

  The ScatterWeb mailing list can be used for related discussions or technical questions. You can subscribe to the list or read the archived posts.


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Why use tutorials?

Our tutorials are designed to give you a quick start with your project.




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