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Developing a Multi-Agent System for a Blended Learning Application

Raúl Rojas, Dan-El Neil Vila-Rosado, Margarita Esponda, – 2015

Blended learning systems have become more popular than e-learning systems or even more than conventional educationalmethodologies. On Blended learning systems, the learners can view teaching materials asynchronously from different sources and collaborate with their peers and also they get the necessary face to face interaction with the instructor in the classroom. PowerChalk has arisen as the result from the analysis of several systems for E-Learning; it was designed to resolve an important limitation of current design methods: adaptability. In terms of adaptability, we have to consider that parallel to the evolution of e-learning methodologies, the intelligent agent paradigm has generated interest in many applications specially in order to support scaffolding activities and problem solving. It is for this reason that in this chapter presents the develop of a Multi-Agent System (MAS) on the PowerChalk system, a blended learning application that provide a robust, reliable, usable and sustainable multimedia technology for collaborative learning.

Developing a Multi-Agent System for a Blended Learning Application
Raúl Rojas, Dan-El Neil Vila-Rosado, Margarita Esponda,
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-10383-9_13, Print ISBN: 978-3-319-10382-2
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New Research in Multimedia and Internet Systems, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing; Vol. 314, 2015. Presented on the "9th International Conference on Multimedia & Network Information Systems", Wroclaw, Sept. 2014.
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pp 135-143
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