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Tobias Schülke:

Correlation of a bee's visual perception with its brain activity


Despite their small brain size, honeybees are able to orientate themselves exceptionally well in the environment. In order to study their navigational capabilities, correlations between brain activity of a bee and its visual perception are analysed. Neural activity of the animal was recorded while flying with a quadcopter. First, it is shown that similar brain activity was measured in repeated flight routes. Next, the flight of the copter is simulated in a virtual 3D environment of the experiment's fields and its surroundings. Images were rendered from the perspective of a bee and processed by an autoencoder. Activations of the encoder were correlated with the bee's neural activity. Additionally, the brain activity was projected onto a field in the range of a bee's field of view. Both approaches revealed high correlations during flight turns.

Master of Science (M.Sc.)