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Henrik Matzke:

TVB-EduPack - An interactive learning and scripting platform for The Virtual Brain


With the growing interest to understand processes and functionn of the human brain, several interesting research projects have started all over the world. They try to take advantage of the increasing computing power to open new possibilities in neuroscience. Among them is The Virtual Brain (TBV), a neuroinformatics platform that simulates the dynamics of large-scale neural populations through computational models.


Despite a set of features that make TVB understandable for the user, it is still a complex siumlation tool. Specially, when considering users without deep knowledge in neuroscience and its computational principles. Therefore, in order to facilitate TVB's usability of the Graphical User Interface (GUI), an educational tool that helps the user to learn interactively, was required. In this thesis, I will present an add-on for The Virtual Brain called TVB-EduPack. It contains user-driven tutorials and adds a new feature that allows the creation of new tutorials by providing an easy-to-use scripting interface. Additionally, through a predefined and extendable set of user actions, it is possible for instance to use and display pre-computed simulation results.


This application is expected to improve significantly the manageability to the software of TVB. Specially, it can attract the attention of both, novice users interested in neurosciences as well as advanced researchers, who could make use of the tutorial authoring tool in order to publish and share their results with TVB's community.

Master of Science (M.Sc.)