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Rima Badran:

Traffic Sign Detection for Model Cars using the Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Support Vector Machines


Autonomous driving has become very popular over the years. To successfully develop a car that drives by itself and more importantly follows the traffic laws, many necessary factors need to be considered. One important factor ist he detection of traffic signs in order to be able to react properly. Thus, one component of self-driving cars are traffic sign detection systems.

Such a detection system has been developed for the model cars of the research group autonomous cars using support vector machines and the histogram of oriented gradients. For training and evaluating the systems, a new dataset consisting of images, made in the robotic laboratory, has been created. In addition to the dataset, recorded rosbag files of a driving model car has been used for the evaluation.

The developed system is able to classify six traffic signs and reaches a high precision. The recall, however, needs to be improved. In order to achieve an improvement, a few adaptations have been suggested at the end.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)