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Johannes Polster:

Simulating Bee Vision: Conceptualization, Implementation, Evaluation and Application of a Raycasting Rendering Engine for Generating Bee Views


Vision is the basis for complex behaviour of bees such as navigation and foraging. Simulating bee vision can be helpful in exploring this behaviour. In this thesis a bee vision simulation is developed, based on a detailed scientific model of the spatial resolution and field of view of a bee´s eye.

Four different aspects concerning bee vision simulation are covered in this thesis. Namely an existing 3D environment is enhanced by extending it with a skydome. The afore mentioned model is implemented. A rendering egine based on the bee's eye model is built that uses raycasting for generating bee views from the 3D environment. Lastly, an existing tool for analysing flight paths tracked by radar is extended, so that it can be used to render movies from the bee's point of view.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)