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Sommersemester 2022

Vorlesungszeit: 19.04.2022 - 23.07.2022.

19303701/2: VL/Ü Künstliche Intelligenz (Vorlesung und Übung)
The course is an introduction to the area of Artificial Intelligence and will introduce the basic ideas and techniques underlying the design of intelligent machines. By the end of this course, you will have learned how to build autonomous (software) agents that efficiently make decisions in fully informed, partially observable and adversarial settings as well as how to optimize actions in ...
Zeit21.04.2022 - 21.07.2022
Vorlesung: Donnerstag 12-14 Uhr. Übung: Dienstags 10-12 Uhr.
19331916: Forschungsseminar Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
The seminar takes place on a regular basis (weekly) with the aim to exchange information and ideas on AI and ML related topics.  Many sessions take place in the form of a reading group, where we discuss the selected paper(s) on topics related to AI and ML. Everyone should read the paper(s) before the meeting to be able to actively participate in the discussions.  Sometimes we have talks by ...
Zeit21.04.2022 - 21.07.2022
jeweils donnerstags, 10-12 Uhr.
19332012: Softwareprojekt: AIML Lab (Softwareprojekt)
The goal is gaining hands-on experience on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning methods and algorithms in the context of a semester-long team project. The projects fall into two categories: i) Academic projects which are typically based on some published papers. The goal is to reproduce the authors results with some extensions and application to new datasets. ii) Application-specific ...
Zeit21.04.2022 - 21.07.2022
Thursday, 2-4 a.m.
19332311: Selected topics on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Seminar)
The seminar's goal it the independent research of a scientific topic based on some publications and a high-quality presentation of the topic in both written (report) and spoken forms (presentation and Q&A sessions). The seminar is dedicated to the discussion of selected topics in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Each semester the focus is on a different topic, for example, ...
Zeit20.04.2022 - 20.07.2022
Mittwochs 12-14 Uhr.