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Call for Papers "2nd International Workshop on Bias and Fairness in AI"

Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques based on big data and algorithmic processing are increasingly used to guide decisions in important societal spheres, including hiring decisions, university admissions, loan granting, and crime prediction. However, there are growing concerns with regard to the epistemic and normative quality of AI evaluations and predictions. In particular, there is strong evidence that algorithms may sometimes amplify rather than eliminate existing bias and discrimination, and thereby have negative effects on social cohesion and on democratic institutions.  More information

21.05.2021 | AG Künstliche Intelligenz und Maschinelles Lernen

New Topics for Master Thesis

For more information, see: https://www.mi.fu-berlin.de/en/inf/groups/ag-KIML/Theses/Open-Topics/index.html If interested, please send a mail to: information-ki@fu-berlin.de and add a short CV.

06.04.2021 | AG Künstliche Intelligenz und Maschinelles Lernen