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Kurt Gödel's "Maximen Philosophie" - An overview

27.02.2019 | 09:00 s.t.

Kolloquiumsvortrag Eva-Maria Engelen, Universität Konstanz

Kurt Gödel's ›Maximen Philosophie‹. An Overview

The talk offers a review of Gödels ›Maximen Philosophie‹ within the realms of the state of research. The edition of the 15 philosophical notebooks that have been found in Gödel’s Nachlass is an on-going work already in progress, which will be multiannual. The statements made here can therefore be considered to be only applicable for the time being, but a fascinating see behind the curtain can already be opened up.


Zeit & Ort

27.02.2019 | 09:00 s.t.

Takustr. 9, SR006