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Course Catalog


FU Course Catalog for Math, C. Science and Bioinformatics

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Whiteboard: Course Catalog with Registration

Please register in Whiteboard for the courses you intend to take next semester, using the link above.
Please register only for what you seriously expect to take and unregister as soon as you change your mind; this helps our proper planning.

This registration starts in July.

Campus Management / CM / eCampus

You MUST also register for the same courses in the Campus Management System (CM, eCampus) in order to receive credit points and unregister if you do not participate so as to avoid receiving a 'fail' grade.

This registration starts in October.

Language requierements

Usually, lectures are given in German, English is the exception. The course language is specified in the course catalog in the course descriptions under the term "Unterrichtssprache/Course language".