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The most important rules of conduct at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Dear students,

The winter semester 2021/22 will largely take place in presence.
Please adhere to the hygiene and behavioral rules of our department* mentioned below, so that we can all get through the winter semester safe and sound!
Please also read the general Corona rules* of Freie Universität!

* The rules mentioned here are subject to change. Please keep yourselves informed.

Thank you!

  • The 3G rule applies throughout the university, i.e. only those who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested are allowed to enter the buildings. This will also be checked. Please always have the appropriate proof handy! Here you can find more information.
  • Masks are mandatory in all buildings, including classrooms. Please always bring at least two FFP2 masks with you when you come to the university! (A medical mask is only sufficient if you can always keep the minimum distance).
  • Sign up for all courses you want to attend in Whiteboard! Please only show up for the dates you registered for in the room indicated. If you want another date, you have to discuss this with the lecturers/tutors beforehand.
  • Attendance registration is mandatory for all courses. We use a.nwesen.de for this purpose. With a QR code scanner you simply check in at your seat.
  • Please support regular airing (about every 20 minutes) if you sit close to the window.
  • When you move around the buildings: keep 1.5 m distance to others if possible.
  • If you feel sick, please stay at home! Please let us know and try to participate in an alternative event (e.g. online tutorial).