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There are some things you can do now! They are a necessary requirement for a trouble-free study routine. If something doesn't work immediately, it's no big deal, the student staff at the Student Advisory Center is more than happy to help you.

  • You should have received your ZEDAT login with your enrollment documents. This is essential for your entire studies. Log in once to the ZEDAT page and change your password! 
  • You have been given an FU e-mail account (yourusername@zedat.fu-berlin.de). IMPORTANT: Read your e-mails regularly!! Otherwise you'll miss out on important information! Forwarding to a private mail account is not recommended but possible. It is better to get into the habit of always using your FU mail account for all university matters. Here you can find more information about e-mail usage (in German).
  • To be able to use the computer rooms and printers at the department and also to get e-mails about things within the department, you need a department account. Log in once to the Department Portal with your ZEDAT account and you will automatically have one.
  • Collect your Campus-Card and validate it at one of the validation machines so that you have a valid student ID.
  • For the digital transportation ticket within Germany you have to log-in into your ZEDAT portal and click on the link "Deutschlandsemesterticket". Your digital ticket will be generated and stored there, find a way to save it (for ex. in a wallet app) so you can show it if needed. 
  • If necessary, apply for a subsidy for the semester ticket at the semester ticket office (Semesterticketbüro).
  • The department uses Whiteboard to make announcements about lectures and to provide exercises and lecture material for students to download. Please register once with your ZEDAT account. For more information on how to register for courses in Whiteboard, click here.
  • Here is a list of rooms and spaces where you can study alone or do group work with your fellow students.