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What is the difference between Campus Management, Whiteboard, Blackboard and Moodle?

Campus Management and Whiteboard are the most used platforms in the department. Campus Management is the official platform to track your progress and achievements. The registration for a course in Campus Management is mandatory in order to get credit points for your studies. This holds even if you have already booked this course (lecture/exercises/seminar/etc.) in a previous semester

Whiteboard, on the other hand, serves as a helpful tool to give students access to resources and materials of the course (e.g. exercise sheets, lecture scripts, literature, links etc.). Registration is not mandatory, but highly recommended so that students do not miss any important information. In addition, for some courses the registration for the exam and for tutorials is done via Whiteboard.

Other departments and language courses do not use Whiteboard but use Moodle and Blackboard with similar features instead.