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Welcome to the second conference of CRC1114!



Scaling Cascades in Complex Systems 2021

The CRC 1114 Conference 2021, held entirely online from 01.-03. March,  is over and we are very happy and pleased with the big success of the conference and the consistently positive reactions!
Many thanks to over 200 participants from more than 20 countries,  students and professors alike, and especially to all the speakers: 9 outstanding keynote speakers and more than 50 speakers in 10 minisymposia. You all made this conference an exciting and enriching experience!

The conference aims to bring together scientists from the disciplines Biochemistry, Physics, Geo-Sciences and Mathematics, who are focusing on methodological developments for the modeling and simulation of complex processes involving cascades of scales. Furthermore we take the opportunity to present CRC 1114 and its progress in the second funding period.

Conference chairs: Rupert Klein, Ralf Kornhuber, Christof Schütte

Organizing team: Kristine Al Zoukra, Nina Fabjančič, Monika Drück, Jana Jerosch

Contact: gs-sfb1114@math.fu-berlin.de