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DFG SPP 1276

One of the most important challenges in meteorological           metstroem-logo           
modelling is the simulation of local disasters with high attention to detail. Representing such multiscale interactions accurately and efficiently given limited computational resources is one of the major arising difficulties.

A promising approach in this context in Meteorology and Fluid Dynamics is the use of variable, dynamically adaptive spatio-temporal grid resolution. While adaptive dynamic kernels for meteorological models and adaptive flow solvers exist today, some severe open issues remain. The DFG priority program (SPP) 1276 MetStröm covers the expertise of Meteorology, Fluid Dynamics, and Applied Mathematics to develop model- as well as grid-adaptive numerical simulation concepts in multidisciplinary projects. Research focuses on the theory and methodology of multiscale meteorological-fluid mechanics modelling. SPP MetStröm is coordinated within the workgruop Geophysical Fluid Dynamics. More information regarding the MetStröm program is available under http://metstroem.mi.fu-berlin.de/