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Matching centroids by a projective transformation

Oct 28, 2014 | 02:15 PM

 The next talk in the DGD seminar at TU Berlin is on

 Tuesday, 28.10.2014 at 14:15 in MA 874

  on "Matching centroids by a projective transformation"

  Speaker: Ivan Izmestiev

  Let K and L be two subsets of R^d. Does there exist a projective
  transformation f such that the centroids of f(K) and f(L) coincide?
  We allow each of K and L to be a point, a finite set of points, or a
  d-dimensional body, and find in each case a functional whose critical
  points correspond to solutions. Under certain assumptions the
  transformation f is unique modulo post-composition with affine
  Connections arise with the algebraic polarity, Moebius centering of
  polytopes, Santalo points, and Hilbert geometry.
  The talk is based on the arxiv preprint 1409.6176.

Time & Location

Oct 28, 2014 | 02:15 PM

TU Berlin, MA 874