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Nikolai Beck and Arijit Dey: Homotopic classification of vector bundles on smooth k-schemes

Jul 02, 2014 | 04:15 PM

Abstract: Finally, we reach the goal of our seminar and prove the homotopic classification of vector bundles. We start by proving the result for smooth affine schemes via a computation on naive homotopy classes of maps. We use two results from
previous weeks: smooth affine schemes are cofibrant and the doubly infinite Grassmannian is fibrant. If time permits, we will discuss the proof for a smooth (but non-affine) scheme.

Further details: http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/hoskins/seminar.html [userpage.fu-berlin.de]

Time & Location

Jul 02, 2014 | 04:15 PM

SR 005, Arnimallee 3