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Master in Computer Science

The Master in Computer Science has been designed to provide the foundation for a professional career in the computer-based industry, as well as for further research and development in the field of informatics. The degree qualifies for taking up doctoral studies in the field of Computer Science.

The prerequisite for the Master in Computer Science is the Bachelor degree. The Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering, Informatics/Computer Science, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN) has accredited the Master in Computer Science so that the international recognition of achievements and exams is facilitated.

The standard duration of study is four semesters.


Modules accounting for 90 credit points are chosen from the following areas:

  1. Applied computer science
  2. Practical informatics
  3. Technical informatics
  4. Theoretical informatics
  5. Specialisation
  6. Ancillary subject

In each of the above areas at least 4 SWS (= 4 hours per week over the course of the semester) and 5 credit points need to be taken.

The ancillary subject accounts for a maximum of 24 credit points.

The following modules must be completed successfully:

  • a software project accounting for 10 credit points
  • 2 seminars in Computer Science

Courses have to be chosen according to one of the model curricula which offer a guideline for the student. Curricula that deviate from the established guidelines need to be discussed with and approved by a professor of computer science during counselling.

The long-term planning of the master modules offered on a regular basis is updated each semester by the Department Council Committee (Institutsrat). Please note that as from the summer semester 2007 the syllabus has changed according to the new study and examination regulations.

Detailed descriptions of the standard modules can be found in the department's module management system. With this system, an individual curriculum can be generated.

After having achieved at least 60 credits, the final thesis is written and presented (duration: 6 months, 30 credit points).


Study and examination regulations for the Masters degree

Language Skills

The course language at our institute is German in most cases. Admission to the university requires a German language exam.

Application and Admission


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