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Dr. Cenk Gündogan

Cenk Gündogan
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Internet Technologies

Institute of Computer Science

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science



Takustr. 9
14195 Berlin

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Cenk received his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the Institut für Informatik at Freie Universität Berlin in 2016. During his studies, Cenk got involved in the RIOT open source project, which led to a growing personal interest in IoT (routing) protocols and the participation in several discussions of the IETF RoLL WG. As a result, Cenk implemented, maintains and extends the RPL implementation in RIOT.

Cenk was a member of the INET research group at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) in Hamburg.

He received his Ph.D. from Freie Universität Berlin in 2022, supervised by Prof Thomas Schmidt from HAW Hamburg and Prof. Matthias Wählisch from Freie Universität Berlin.

PhD Thesis "Information-centric Networking for the Constrained Internet of Things", https://dx.doi.org/10.17169/refubium-35327.