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Marc Oprisiu:

Towards Digital Crime Scene Documentation: Improving the Usability of the TNSITU App Using a Human-Centered Design Approach

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)


After a criminal offense, the incident is recorded and documented as part of the police investigation. Important aspects are the collection, preservation and documentation of evidence. The demands on crime scene investigations are high, as every situation on-site is different and time pressure makes uniform and loss-free documentation difficult. The use of the digital crime scene documentation app INSITU is expected to make the transition from current file-based documentation to modern digital documentation [1]. However, capturing and documenting an entire crime scene without gaps poses new challenges for the police, as law enforcement is subject to numerous legal regulations.

The goal of this work is to redesign the prototype segment of such an application that follows the principles of human-centered design while maintaining legal constraints. This proposal describes the development process of this revised prototype segment as a mobile Android application through iterations of the design, analysis, implementation, and evaluation phase.

[1] Project Description in German