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Yuqiong Weng:

Self-learning E-Mobility Bot: Design and Implementation

Academic Advisor
Master of Science (M.Sc.)


This thesis shows the design and implementation of a self-learning E-Mobility Bot. The chatbot aims to provide information to the users regarding EMobility and enable information sharing between users by integrating with

the idea of self-learning. Throughout the development of the chatbot prototype, two studies and one heuristic evaluation were conducted. The studies helped the chatbot to adapt to users’ needs and collect user feedback. The

heuristic evaluation benefits the chatbot in refinement by identifying issues. From the results of the user study, the chatbot was found to have the potential to fulfilling information-related tasks but needs to be more robust in its performance. For an early-stage prototype, self-learning delivered modest results and was perceived positively as a novel concept. By accomplishing this thesis, the feasibility of a self-learning E-Mobility Bot regarding information retrieval and information sharing is for the first time unearthed, which serves as an initial point for further research on this topic.