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Conceptualization of Computer - Supported Collaborative Sensemaking

Müller-Birn, Claudia; Hong, Ming-Tung – 2017

The sensemaking process is a complex task in academic research practice. Scholars annotate on their research resources to reflect impressions, insights and facts, as well as reduce the cognitive load in their working memory as a prerequisite for carrying out such sensemaking processes. Given the data-intensive nature of research and the increased collaboration of often interdisciplinary working teams, a vast amount of annotations with a great extent of knowledge are produced daily. However, the annotation tools extant do not usually support sensemaking of those annotations. Using existing research as a foundation, we define a conceptual model for collaborative sensemaking that is based on human-machine collaboration. We introduce concepts to integrate machine intelligence into the collaborative sensemaking process by allowing users to interact with machine-recommended information in favor of exploring knowledge from collective intelligence through interactive visualizations of annotations.

Conceptualization of Computer - Supported Collaborative Sensemaking
Müller-Birn, Claudia; Hong, Ming-Tung
Portland, Oregon, USA
Appeared in
Proceeding CSCW '17 Companion
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