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Usability Analysis and Redesign of Course Builder Module in Educational Material Platform


ENU Projekt (Freie Universität Berlin)

Apr 24, 2015 — Dec 18, 2015

The ELAP web application is envisioned to serve as a platform used by professors and educational staff to find and share teaching material related to entrepreneurship education. It is developed by the Entrepreneurial Network University of Freie Universität Berlin. Based on the results of the first project that addressed the initial structural characteristics of the platform, in this new projects focusses on one  main feature - the  course builder module. Educator can use this module to outline  their course structure, upload personal teaching material or link to existing material in the platform.

The existing course builder module is redesigned in three phases:

  • First, a heuristic evaluation is carried out. During that evaluation, the existing user  interface is examined by members of the HCC Research Group, who evaluate its compliance with specific usability principles.

  • Based on the insights gained during the heuristic evaluation, a redesign of the course builder module is carried out. We start with a low-fidelity prototype that is based on best practices in this area. The prototypes are evaluated in thinking-aloud experiments.

  • After implementing the new design, the new user interface is evaluated in several user testing sessions using the Morae software.