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Wikidata - Collaborative Ontology Development


German Research Foundation (DFG) [Fund number: 250967807]

Feb 01, 2015 — Dec 31, 2019

The Wikipedia project showed that community-based knowledge-generation can produce and maintain a knowledge-base of high quality. While Wikipedia is human-readable, the WikiData project aims at building a machine-readable knowledge representation, which can be interpreted as an ontology. These ontologies can be thought of a backbone of the semantic web - a machine-readable world wide web.

Similar to Wikipedia, a community formed around WikiData. Although we know, that the community established working guidelines and different methods for generating content, we still have very limited knowledge about how people collaborate in the project. Furthermore, we don't know the inner working of the community  (the social structure) might influence the structure of the generated data (the technical structure). We shed light on the question whether such social-semantic congruence exists and if yes, to what extent. 

We will replicate our results on other communities that collaboratively create ontologies, such as many Semantic MediaWiki. Based on our insights we plan to highlight how existing methods, tools and evaluation approaches for collaborative ontology development can be improved or extended.


Prof. Dr. Markus Strohmaier (Gesis)

Further information


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