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Using insights from social computing to augment automotive sensor data

Apr 12, 2013 — Jul 12, 2013

Modern cars are equipped with a variety of sensors that have not been used for out-of-car applications, yet. For example, the fuel usage (miles per gallon) could be used to feed a game that shows the environmental impact of the driving style, thus creating a challenge to drive green. In this project the company Carmeq provided an interface to the raw internal sensor data of a car and asked for ideas how to use the data to create new and innovative applications.

Based on the user-centred-design method four student teams worked on different aspects of the challenge. After a kick-off meeting, they started their respective sub-projects by analyzing the data and existing applications. Based on their findings they established a common view on the problem by creating a persona. From the persona's point-of-view the teams brainstormed and formed ideas. The students settled on one specific idea after filtering and clustering their initial ideas. Along the way the students documented their findings in every process step as well as their solutions and prototypes. Finally, the four teams presented their results in a closing presentation.