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Reflecting on Risk Visualizations: Novel Design Modalities for Reflective Risk Exploration (Working Title)

Principal Investigator:

For decades, risk communication through visualizations has provided the necessary information exchange in a variety of contexts, such as natural disasters, ethical issues or, as is currently the case, the pandemic. One of the main purposes of risk visualizations is to create cross-societal awareness and understanding among the population of a given context through various visualization approaches. However, this visualized risk communication and also the design still face various challenges, such as one-sided knowledge transfer exclusively for experts or too complex presentation methods that cannot be understood and explored by the general population. Risk visualizations should therefore be understood more as a reflective dialogue between different actors. Similarly, researches emphasize that such a dialogue on how to address this fine-grained problem of visualization design involving multiple actors requires further future research. This in turn raises the key challenge of incorporating reflection as an essential component early in the design process of risk visualizations and facilitating reflective risk exploration for various actors.