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Technical Report published: "Innovonto: An Enhanced Crowd Ideation Platform with Semantic Annotation (Hallway Test)"

News from May 03, 2018

Dr. Abderrahmane Khiat, Maximilian Mackeprang and Prof. Claudia Müller-Birn have published a technical report with the title "Innovonto: An Enhanced Crowd Ideation Platform with Semantic Annotation (Hallway Test)". The report is accessible here.


Crowd ideation platforms provide a promising approach for supporting the idea generation process. Research has shown that presenting a set of similar or diverse ideas to users during ideation leads them to come-up with more creative ideas. In this paper, we describe Innovonto, a crowd ideation platform that leverages semantic web technologies and human collaboration to identify similar and diverse ideas in order to enhance the creativity of generated ideas. Therefore, the approach implemented captures first the conceptualization of users' ideas. Then, a matching system is employed to compute similarities between all ideas in near real time.
Furthermore, this technical report outlines the results obtained from the evaluation of Innovonto platform. The hallway study, conducted at our research group, allowed us to test each step of Innovonto platform as well as the proposed approach in assessing similarities between ideas. As results, we received 20 ideas and 23 feedbacks from 9 users. The analysis of the results shows good performance of Innovonto steps and confirms the findings of existing research.

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