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Poster Accepted at the UIST Conference 2018

News from Aug 23, 2018

Our Poster with the title "Kaleidoscope: An RDF-based Exploratory Data Analysis Tool for Ideation Outcomes" written by Maximilian Mackeprang
Gerold Schneider
Johann Strama
Philipp Kuhnz
Jesse Josua Benjamin
Claudia Müller-Birn

and created in the context of the UCD Lecture 2018 was accepted at the User Interface Software and Technology Symposium 2018.

The conference will take place in Berlin, Germany, Oktober 14-17.


Evaluating and selecting ideas is a critical and time-consuming step in collaborative ideation, making computational support for this task a desired research goal. However, existing automatic approaches to idea selection might eliminate valuable ideas. In this work we combine automatic approaches with human sensemaking. Kaleidoscope is an exploratory
data analytics tool based on semantic technologies. It supports users in exploring and annotating existing ideas interactively. In the following, we present key design principles of Kaleidoscope. Based on qualitative feedback collected on a prototype, we identify potential improvements and describe future work.

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