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Short Paper Accepted at the CHI Conference 2018

News from Feb 26, 2018

A paper with the title "Interactive Concept Extraction during Collaborative Ideation and its Effect on Ideation Outcome" by Maximilian Mackeprang, Abderrahmane Khiat and Claudia Müller-Birn was accepted at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2018.

The conference will take place in Montréal, Canada, April 21-26.


A major goal of collaborative ideation research is improving the creativity of the ideas generated. Recent approaches enhance creativity by showing users similar ideas during productive ideation and diverse ideas when they reach an impasse. However, related work either demands a higher mental effort from users to assess similarity or yields only a limited number of similarity values. Furthermore, idea relationship is only considered in one dimension (similarity). In our research in progress, we introduce an alternative approach called concept validation. It enables us to (1) capture the conceptualization of users’ ideas (2) assess multi-dimensional relationships between all ideas in near real-time and (3) build an idea-based knowledge graph. We conducted a study with 90 participants to validate the suitability of our approach for ideation processes. The results indicate that adding the concept validation task to the ideation process allows the extraction of semantic concepts without any negative impact on number of ideas generated and their creativity. This signifies an important step towards our vision of an idea-based knowledge graph used by an interactive system to improve computer-supported human creativity.

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