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Softwareprojekt Semantische Technologien


InstructorAdrian Paschke
SemesterWS 15/16
Scope of Course
RoomTakustraße 9 SR 053
StartOct 16, 2015

10:00-12:00 (SR053/T9)

The topic of the WS 15/16 software project "Semantische Technologien" (19314012) is:

Semantic Complex Event Processing and (Streaming) Data Analytics

As big data and fast data proliferate, more and more streams of data are being generated in real-time from a myriad of data sources, such as market data, mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, clickstream analysis as well as business internal transactional systems. Real-time insights must be derived from this data in motion to give a competitive edge to agile organizations that want to act on these insights before they lose their value. To handle billions of these data streams, new software architectures and techniques are needed. Analysts and research companies call these types of software “Big Data Streaming Analytics”. Application domains are manifold, .e.g location-based marketing, Internet of Thins (IoT), Market surveillance and monitoring, supply chain visibility, customer experience management.

The prospect of combining realt-time event processing, data analytics and semantic technologies in the area of Semantic Complex Event Processing (SCEP) is this: Event processing engines will have (1) a description of what is happening in terms of events and (process) states / situations and (2) a plan for the re/actionsand processes they can invoke (often leading to follow-up events).

Companies are looking for highly qualified students with experience in the fields of semantic big data and streaming analytics. With the completion of this software project, you'll be one of them!

This software project addresses students majoring in computer science and business information and it provides YOU with a real-life scenario including IoT big data and free of charce acces to latest industrial products for real-time Business Intelligence. It allows you to learn how to handle and analyze real-world event streams.

The software project will be in close collaboration with Software AG, one of the largest software companies in Germany. Students will receive additional & exclusive support and guidance and an additional certificate for their CV from Software AG for the succesfull completion of the software project.

Furthermore, the project team will also have the chance to enter a competition against students teams from four other exclusively selected universities, with the prize going to the team with the best results.

What’s in it for you?

  • Filter, aggregate, enrich and analyze a high throughput of data from multiple data sources
  • Visualize business activities in real time by identifying simple and complex patterns
  • Detect urgent situations and automate immediate actions
  • Get free access to latest industry products and tools
  • Additional free certification from Software AG for you CV gives an excellent head start for your future job applications
  • Chance to win a prize in the Software AG competition