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AutoKEY: Wireless Channel-based Autonomous Key Management for the IoT

Research Team:

The project has been funded under H2020 ‐ GA No. 645274

Aug 02, 2016

Physical layer security (PHYSEC) is a promising approach for autonomous key distribution and management in the IoT and ubiquitously connected systems. PHYSEC exploits the intrinsic randomness and reciprocity of the radio channel between several nodes to establish cryptographic keys in a plug-and-play manner, to achieve information-theoretic security without complex ciphers, and to securely pair devices. Major limitation currently is the poor key material in stationary environment making the scheme is potentially prone to various attacks. Project AutoKEY shall overcome this limitation by implementing and evaluating a highly innovative random signaling scheme in the WiSHFUL TWIST testbed. AutoKEY shall also make extensive use of complex-valued measurements in conjunction with spatial resolution provided by the WiSHFUL TWIST testbed. The major objective is to make PHYSEC schemes more robust and potentially increase the entropy of the channel-based random key generator measurable in terms of higher key rates compared to the standard approach. Project AutoKEY shall impact the on-going efforts towards more security in the IoT by provisioning key results to respective stakeholders, SMEs, Startups, and the scientific communities.


  • imec (former iMinds)
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • CNIT
  • TU Berlin
  • Rutgers University
  • UFRJ
  • Seoul National University


RECiP: Wireless Channel Reciprocity Restoration Method for Varying Transmission Power

Gerhard Wunder, Rick Fritschek, Khan Reaz, IEEE Symposium on Personal and Indoor Mobile Radio Communications (PMIRC'16), Valencia, Spain, September 2016, invited paper.