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Federated Learning and Blockchain



Creating a traceability system for the entire food supply ecosystem has been a challenge in recent years especially during the pandemic. Current supply chains are under particular substantial challenges and many companies have to procure products and services in the context of a supply constrained situation. Moreover, additional challenges remain in the current supply chains to monitor the quality and safety of food from source (supplier) to end consumer (fork). In this case, having a modern supply chain system that can proactively monitor the quality and safety of the food from source to end consumer is a marvel.
FT-Chain aims to create an innovative system to enable federated learning and artificial (edge) intelligence (ML/AI) for complex food supply chains supported with a trust management platform. This system will be designed based on private permissioned blockchain networks for managing data and producing analytics from the transactions throughout supply chains and for external participants like regulatory bodies.
In this project, we are using food quality monitoring sensor equipped  IoT systems,  and collecting  data within multiple steps/ supply chains stakeholders while respecting inherent business risks. FT-Chain supports supply chains by combining Federated Learning (FL) architecture and private permissioned blockchain with the smart contract to keep and trace the information of different stakeholders in a privacy preserving manner with a trust management platform.

For more information visit:https://ft-chain.github.io/2021/11/26/welcome-to-website.html

The proposed system architecture is depicted in Fig.1