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Physical Layer Security and ML

Research Team:


A smart home or smart building with many wirelessly connected devices is a typical heterogeneous scenario. The diversity of devices makes it enormously difficult to ensure the same level of security, and protection from the deluge of cyber attacks. In case of an attack, it goes beyond just local devices, it would touch every stack of the communication and data processing pipeline. 

This project is about extending wireless channel reciprocity key establishment procedure to make end-to-end secure. Work packages are designed to achieve three core goals: (i) proximity bounded secure key generation between a device and an untrusted relay (such as a Wi-Fi router). (ii) develop masking code that hides pure wireless channel properties from an attacker while allowing legitimate device(s) to decode. (iii) Comprehensive security analysis of the scheme in the Post-Quantum context.


  • End-to-end security
  • IoT Security
  • Physcial Layer Security
  • Smart Home