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Journal Club Computational Biology

In this seminar we will present original work in Computational biology as well as progress reports from PhD students. Master students will present their MSc thesis plans and results.


InstructorKnut Reinert
RoomTakustr. 9 SR 049
StartApr 13, 2010

Tuesday 14-16

Student Profile

Master and PhD students in Bioinformatics, Computer Science and Mathematics




The schedule of the seminar will follow below.

Date Name Title
13.04 Birte Kehr Fast local alignments
20.04 Manuel Holtgrewe Considerations about designing a read mapping benchmark
27.04 RECOMB  
04.05 Rene Märker State of MSc thesis
11.05 Konrad Rudolph Planning MSc thesis
18.05 Anne-Katrin Emde State of PhD thesis
08.06 Sandro Andreotti Assigning transcript expression levels to splice variants
15.06 Dr. Alberto M. R. Dávila
Chris Bielow
Describing the bioinformatics pipeline of a system for functional annotation of genomic data.
Experimental design and differential analysis with ITRAQ
22.06 Martin Riese
Matthias Lienhard
State of MSc thesis
Evaluation of RNA-Seq experiments
29.06 David Weese tbd
06.07 Stephan Aiche State of PhD thesis
13.07 (10:30) Raum 051 Martin Burkert Forschungspraktikum


English is the preferred language of presentation. There will be presentations about the current work in the research group as well as a thematic emphasis on recent algorithmic publications (e.g. RECOMB)

Three useful guides on how to give a good seminar talk: