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Can I combine a private vacation with my business trip?

Yes, you may combine your business trips with private vacation. However, in order to get fully reimbursed for the business trip, your vacation may not be longer than 5 working days. If you stay longer, only the transportation costs from your vacation location to the business location will be reimbursed.

Example: You fly to Paris, take the train to Marseille, where your conference is. You take the train back to Paris and stay there for a vacation of 6 days, then fly back. The flights will not be reimbursed, only the train rides to/from the business location in Marseille.

Days that are needed for travelling to/from the place of business do not count towards your vacation days. More information can be found here (German only).

Attention: If you are in any way unsure whether your vacation is longer than 5 days, please contact the travel department directly and ask them for written approval of your travel plans.