Department Council

The faculty counsel (Fachbereichsrat) and the deanship (Dekanat) are the administrative organs of the department. Our faculty counsel consists of seven professors (Hochschullehrer), two research assistants/associates, two students and two members of the administration; the head of the Fachsbereichsrat is the dean (Dekan).

The faculty counsel has roughly the following functions:

  • the enactment of rules and statutes in the department in the areas of teaching, course of studies, required examinations and qualifications
  • approval and appraisal of the departmental budget
  • the establishment, amendment and annulment of subdivisions within the department
  • the appointment of commissions, their composition, assignment of tasks, procedure and duration, for the purpose of support and counsel
  • decisions on the appointment of professors
  • decisions on “Habilitationen” (postdoctoral lecture qualification)
  • recommendations for determining new professorships and their specific areas

For details please check our German pages.