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Baby Change

Baby change - breastfeeding - resting

Baby change

  • Takustraße 9, building for informatics, basement floor, handicapped WC, room K33. Room is open all the time.
  • Arnimallee 6, Pi-building, ground floor, handicapped WC, room 005. If the room is locked, you can pick up the key in room 141 (secretary office), first floor.

Baby change - breastfeeding - resting

  • Arnimallee 3, ground floor, room 010. The baby change-breastfeeding-resting room is equipped with armchair, changing table and functional lounger. The room can therefore also be used for pregnant women as resting room. The room is opened  all the time, because it is also the first-aid-room. The room can be locked from inside. Please turn the sign at the door.