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If you can't reach us via telephone, mail or personal, please contact the Gender Equality Office in urgent cases.

Mailing list

There are a mailing list for the department of mathematics and computer science at Freie Universität Berlin: frauen@lists.spline.inf.fu-berlin.de.

Through this mailing list you will be informed about gender relevant topics and news as well as a lively exchange of information and experiences.

Please insert to our mailing list at the following website: https://lists.spline.inf.fu-berlin.de/mailman/listinfo/frauen.

Information boards and general mailing list

You are able to find the main information board in the basement of the computational science building. Important information, event information, offers for scholarships and so on were placed on our notice boards.

Due to data privacy regulations there is no women mailing list at the department. Because of that all information will be send through the general mailing lists. Please use our mailing list mentioned above for more specific address.

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