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For the academic year 2021/22 we have received 1400 applications. Therefore, the selection process takes long and will be completed around August 20th. We can only accept 25 new students.
We apologise if the decision seems unfair to you, but we are not able to answer all the emails we receive.

There will be information sessions on the admission process will take place via Webex at the following dates. Times are provided in Berlin time.

Wed, Aug 18, 6-7pm:


Meeting number: 188 171 4172

Password: BUpm46sera9


Thu, Aug 19, 6-7pm:


Meeting number: 188 427 9009

Meeting password: YexgD62N3Rb


Fri, Aug 20, 10-11am:


Meeting number: 188 632 4653

Password: m4UKrqm85VD


Mon, Aug 23, 9-10am:


Meeting number: 188 313 8062

Meeting password: 2TNjJqCBr38

 Interessent*innen am Masterstudiengang informieren sich bitte auf der englischsprachigen Seiten.