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  • March - April

    Semester break

  • 06 May

    Niklas Kitzmann (PIK)

Welcome to the website of our monthly young researcher colloquium CHANGES+ CHange AgeNts: Governing Earth and Society+.

This colloquium is organised by young researchers from the Math+ emerging fields Particles and Agents (EF4) and Concepts of Change (EF5) . We aim to bring together young scientists from different disciplines and parts of Berlin who are interested in modeling social, historical, and political/societal change processes with a special focus on the driving agents (individuals, other entities, or groups thereof).

Each session will start with a 30-minute presentation followed by time for questions as well as informal discussion over tea and cookies (for the foreseeable future, you will unfortunately have to provide these yourselves). If you would like to give a talk or know someone that we should invite, let us know!

Presentations will take place approximately monthly, on Thursday afternoons at 4pm s.t. via Webex Meetings. The link to the room will be communicated shortly before each meeting via our newsletter.