Welcome to the website of our bi-weekly young researcher colloquium CHANGES+ CHange AgeNts: Governing Earth and Society+.

This colloquium is organised by young researchers from the Math+ emerging fields Particles and Agents (EF4) and Concepts of Change (EF5) . We aim to bring together scientists from different disciplines and parts of Berlin who are interested in modeling social, historical, and political/societal change processes with a special focus on the driving agents (individuals, other entities, or groups thereof).

Each session will start with a 30-minute presentation followed by time for questions as well as informal discussion over tea and cookies. If you would like to give a talk or know someone that we should invite, let us know!

Presentations will take place approximately bi-weekly, on Thursday afternoons at 4pm c.t. at Zuse Institute Berlin (Dahlem). Unless specified otherwise in the calendar, the room is the seminar room on the ground floor.