A Concise Introduction to Mathematical Logic

Third Edition

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The third edition appeared in January 2010 at Springer Science+Business Media. By clicking on Chapter 1 + 2 you may read the Chapters 1 and 2 in a very comfortable ebook version, together with the front and back matters. Since this covers a fragment of the book only, internal (colored) links with targets outside this fragment do not work. Press the "previous page view" button in the Adobe Reader for returning to the last view. A complete comfortable ebook version is at present available only on personal request from the author. You can read the whole book also as ebook online.
By clicking on Solution Hints to the Exercices you'll get solution hints for most exercises in the book. These are not part of the book and presently available only from my home page. These hints may be updated whenever improved solutions have been suggested.
If you find misprints or mistakes or have any suggestion, please send them via email to
raut@math.fu-berlin.de. You'll find the presently known misprints of the third edition in Errata3, and of the second edition in Errata2. There is some addional information on the book in Additional information. If you've a question regarding the material treated in the book, it may be answered in FAQ.  

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