Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rautenberg † 

In Memoriam

Prof. Rautenberg died 2011-09-04.
In Memoriam we recreated his Website

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Last Research Interests
Mathematical Logic and Foundations of Mathematics, General mathematical systems, Self-Reference, Non-Classical Logic, Modal and Tense Logic.
Former Research areas: Foundations of Geometry, Model theory.
(Mathematical Subject Classification: 03, 08) .
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Refereed by EMS   Refereed by AMS

Einführung in die Mathematische Logik
Dritte Auflage

NEW!!A Concise Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Third edition
Solution Hints to the Exercices

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Messen und Zählen - eine einfache Konstruktion der reellen Zahlen

Grundkurs Mengenlehre

Über den Cantor-Bernsteinschen Äquivalenzsatz

Elementare Grundlagen der Analysis

 Former Doctoral Students:
Dr. Carsten Grefe (Berlin)
Dr. Burkhardt Herrmann (Cologne)
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Herre (Leipzig)
Prof. Dr. Marcus Kracht (Los Angeles)
Prof. Dr. Detlev Seese (Karlsruhe)
Prof. Dr. Martin Weese (Potsdam)
Prof. Dr. Helmut Wolter (Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Frank Wolter (Liverpool)

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The HP49G+ graphic calculator

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Guest stay (at least 1 semester):
Paris, 1961
Warsaw, 1973
Berkeley, 1975
Padoa, 1979
Cracow, 1984 and 1987
No teaching at present

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