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ICON{"name" alt="" default="name"} -- small documentation graphic or icon of common attachment types

  • Generates a small graphic image from the set attached to DocumentGraphics. Images typically have a 16x16 pixel size. You can select a specific image by name, or you can give a full filename, in which case the type of the file will be used to select one of a collection of common file type icons.
  • if you specify an icon which cannot be found, the one specified in the default parameter will be used (and if that fails, the 'else' icon will be used)
  • Syntax: =%ICON{ "filename or icon name" [ default="filename or icon name" ] [ alt="alt text to be added to the HTML img tag" ] }%
  • Examples:
    • %ICON{"flag-gray"}% displays as flag-gray
    • %ICON{"pdf"}% displays as pdf
    • %ICON{"docx" default="doc"}% displays as docx
    • %ICON{"smile.pdf"}% displays as smile.pdf
    • %ICON{"/dont/you/dare/smile.pdf"}% returns /dont/you/dare/smile.pdf
    • %ICON{"data.unknown" alt="Unknown file type"}% displays as Unknown file type
    • %ICON{"data.unknown"}% displays as data.unknown
    • %ICON{""}% displays
  • Graphic samples: arrowbright arrowbright, bubble bubble, choice-yes choice-yes, hand hand
  • File type samples: bmp bmp, doc doc, gif gif, hlp hlp, html html, mp3 mp3, pdf pdf, ppt ppt, txt txt, xls xls, xml xml, zip zip
  • Related: ICONURL, ICONURLPATH, DefaultPreferences, FileAttachments, DocumentGraphics
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