Project Seminar: Cluster Management


Today’s supercomputers especially cluster computers are used for a wide range of applications – from common Client-Server-Apps to High Performance Computing. To support all of these different applications with their different requirements is a challenge for the management systems. That’s why there are different ongoing research projects in this field. This project seminar deals with enhancements of the management systems used in our institute to manage the different computer resources. Different applications and scenarios of usage should be supported transparently. The existing cluster management system Slurm Workload Manager ( serves as starting point for the development of a next generation cluster manager.

Organizational Matters



Students will work in groups on a specific task as part of the new resource management solution. During the two prep meeting the requirements of the new management system, the single tasks and milestones will be specified, the groups will be formed and the testbed introduced. The groups will work primarily after the lecture session. Dates for the presentations of the milestones will be scheduled in coordination with all group members and the lecturer.

Requirements & Target Group, Classification, etc.

See entry in the course catalog.

Target group

Bachelor and Master of Computer Science


The course language is German.

  • Prep meetings:
    • Tuesday, 19.04.2016 12-14 pm, Takustraße 9, SR 046
    • Tuesday, 17.05.2016 12-14 pm, Takustraße 9, SR 046
  • Kick-off meeting:
    • Friday, 29.07.2016 14-16 pm, Takustraße 9, Raum 137 on first floor

Credits & Exams

The criteria for gaining credits are
  • regular and active participation in the group meetings to present the milestones
  • active participation in group work including final report
  • quality of solution (project results) and final report


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