Welcome to Software Lab "Modern Methods of Theoretical Physics A" summer term 2015



Lecturer: Frank Noé, Christoph Wehmeyer
Language: English
LP/Credits: 5
Students: MSc Physics


Date Time Location Lecturer
tba tba tba Noé or Wehmeyer


This course will teach a group of up to 10 master students of physics to collaborate on a scientific software development project from the field of molecular simulation and analysis. The detailed specifications of the project, i.e., the desired features and the behaviour of the software, will depend on the size and composition of the group. Furthermore, the project will include generation of simulation data as well as data mangagement and storage.

The group will meet on a weekly basis to discuss progress and problems, and the students are responsible for dividing work and presentation of their results.

Credit Requirements



Name Consultation Hour Mail
Frank Noé appointment by email. Arnimallee 6, R213 frank.noe[at]fu-berlin.de
Christoph Wehmeyer Tue 14-15h. Arnimallee 6, R212a christoph.wehmeyer[at]fu-berlin.de

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