Please, send the name (given name and surname) and zedat login name of your three group members to Christopher Pockrandt via e-mail. As soon as you your name appears in the list, you can access the SVN.
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Group No. Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 activated
1 Kateryna Budzyak Matthis Jahnel Nina Kersten  
2 Lennard Epping Svenja Mehringer Sara Hetzel  
3 Enrico Seiler Jessica Walde Sonja Rothkugel  
4 Thimo Wellner Max Pfeiffer Christian Knauth  
5 Dan Whitfield Wang Xuesong Majig Wafadar  
6 Tino Schüllermann H. M. Hamid Arsene Wabo  
7 Wanja Kassuhn Eren Altun Christopher Ehmann  
8 Javier Macho Parnika Mukherjee Boran Adas  
9 Jens Hafenmeister Florian Gusewski Jennifer Hoos  
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