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General information for programming exercises

  • Please note, that there will be an optional C++ crash course on Friday during the exercises.
  • Please, fill in the names of your group members here, before the programming exercises start.
  • Each group gets access to a svn directory at
  • The solution to each exercise has to be checked in a subdirectory exerciseY/ case sensitive) before the respective deadline.
  • The program must compile on a Linux Pool machine ( with make exerciseY (sample makefile will be given, compiler flags -pedantic -Wall -ansi -O3 have to be set)
  • The final version of your application note also have to be checked in to the subdirectory as PDF file exerciseY_Note.pdf
  • Test data and makefile template are available in:
  • Do NOT check in test data again in your group directory!


For each exercise you can score 4 Points, 3 for the program and 1 for the application note. For the program:
3 Pts = program runs without errors
2 Pts = program contains small errors
1 Pts = program contains critical errors
0 Pts = no program submitted

Requirements: You have to reach at least 75% of the points summed for all programming exercise and pass the code review.


Please find here the scores of the programming exercises: Scores.pdf.


Date Description Misc
15.10. Release of exercise 1  
17.10. C++ crash course Optional
24.10. Q&A for exercise 1 Optional
29.10. Final submission of exercise 1 until 1 pm at the latest  
29.10. Release of exercise 2  
31.10. Q&A for exercise 2 Optional
07.11. Q&A for exercise 2 Optional
12.11. Final submission of exercise 2 until 1 pm at the latest  
12.11. Release of exercise 3  
14.11. Q&A for exercise 3 Optional
21.11. Q&A for exercise 3 Optional
26.11. Final submission of exercise 3 until 1 pm at the latest  
28.11. Code Review During exercise

Code Review Time Slots

The code review takes place on the 28th of November in room 020 in the Takustraße 9. Please fill in your group here: AlgorithmsProgrammingCodeReview.
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