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Welcome to the Wiki of the Journal Club (19576b)

In this seminar we will present original work in Computational biology as well as progress reports from PhD students. Master students will present their MSc thesis plans and results, or report about their ''Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum''. Depending on the length of the talks, we could have two at one given date.


ATTENTION: On 25 Nov we meet for once in Hörsaal 001 (Arnimallee 3).

Time and Place

Mondays from 2 to 4 pm in room SR 053 (Takustr. 9).


Date Speaker Title
21.10.13 Rene Rahn Compressive genomics with Journaled strings
21.10.13 Annkatrin Bressin Eine vergleichende Studie über BLAST Implementierungen
28.10.13 Sebastian Roskosch Implementierung eines schnellen NGS-data Postprocessing toolkits in SeqAn
04.11.13 Sabrina Krakau Results MSc thesis: Bisulphite read mapping and analysis of variants and methylation
11.11.13 Kathrin Trappe Status PhD proeject
18.11.13 Jialu Hu LocalAli: A Local Network Alignment Tool
today in A3/Hörsaal 001
Raik Otto / Alexandra Zerck MSc thesis / Defense Test Talk
02.12.13 Hans Christian Ehrlich tbd.
09.12.13 Oliver Stolpe tbd.
16.12.13 Lars Zerbe BSc thesis
16.12.13 Moritz Kiekeben BSc Präsentation: Vergleich von A-Bruijn und Alignment Graph im Kontext der Whole-Genome Alignierung
06.01.14 cancelled  
13.01.14 Leon Kuchenbecker tbd.
20.01.14 Enrico Siragusa Variant calling accuracy and genome mappability
27.01.14 Kyanoush Yahosseini Msc thesis
03.02.14 Johann Biedermann tbd.
  Hannes Hauswedell MSc thesis
10.02.14 Manuel Holtgrewe/Dana Vinzelsberg tbd./tbd.
17.02.14 Sandra Appelt/Simon Tausch tbd./tbd.
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